Restoration To Do List

Here it is, the BIG list!

702parkproject to do list

This is a list of items on our restoration checklist. I’ll continue to update it as we move forward. To see our House Tour, click here!


  1. Scrape and wash entire exterior
  2. Prime and paint entire exterior
  3. Replace/repair shutters
  4. Scrape and repair metal roof
  5. Paint metal roof
  6. Repair flashing around chimneys
  7. Cap all chimneys
  8. Replace/repair eaves
  9. Replace/repair metal hidden gutters and downspouts
  10. Replace/repair front porch tongue-and-groove
  11. Replace/repair front masonry cheek walls
  12. Paint front porch
  13. Add new light fixture to front porch
  14. Paint the front door
  15. Install new columns on back porches
  16. Install new railings on back porches
  17. Replace/repair back porch tongue-and-groove
  18. Add back masonry cheek wall to match the front
  19. Replace back storm door
  20. Paint back porches
  21. Paint back door
  22. Install new fan/light on upstairs porch
  23. Install new light on downstairs porch
  24. Screen in upstairs back porch
  25. Replace/repair porte cochere stoop tongue-and-groove
  26. Install new railing on porte cochere stoop
  27. Paint porte cochere stoop
  28. Paint side door
  29. Install new light on porte cochere stoop
  30. Replace/repair basement steps
  31. Replace/repair basement door
  32. Add electrical outlets to each porch
  33. Replace/repair backyard fence
  34. Square up leaning garage
  35. Paint garage
  36. Install new garage roof
  37. Install garage interior and exterior lighting
  38. Install garage plumbing
  39. Repoint/repair foundation and column masonry
  40. Install new vents in foundation
  41. Paint foundation
  42. Replace/repair all storm windows
  43. Reshape the gravel driveway
  44. Remove front pine tree
  45. Complete landscape in the front of house
  46. Clear out overgrowth in backyard
  47. Landscape the backyard
  48. Pour a driveway
  49. Install new fence around entire backyard


  1. Repair plaster throughout the house
  2. Prep, prime, and paint walls, trim, and ceiling throughout the house
  3. Remove all interior carpet
  4. Renovate foyer & stairs
  5. Renovate formal living room
  6. Renovate mud room
  7. Renovate den
  8. Renovate den bathroom
  9. Renovate dining room (update here)
  10. Update butler’s pantry (big renovation later)
  11. Update kitchen (big renovation later)
  12. Renovate laundry room (update here)
  13. Renovate guest room 1
  14. Repair/replace fireplace tile in guest room 1
  15. Renovate guest room 2
  16. Repair/replace fireplace tile in my office
  17. Renovate upstairs hall bathroom
  18. Renovate office
  19. Install tile around guest room fireplace
  20. Renovate office bathroom
  21. Renovate master bedroom
  22. Install tile around master bedroom fireplace
  23. Turn old apartment kitchen into a master suite (closet, bathroom)
  24. Finish the attic
  25. Seal the basement
  26. Repair/secure main stair banister
  27. Refinish (oil) all hardwood floors
  28. Repair all window ropes
  29. Insulate between attic and 2nd floor
  30. Insulate between basement and 1st floor
  31. Add railing for attic stairs
  32. Install runner on stairs

Utilities & Miscellaneous

  1. Inspect and service furnace
  2. Install new sump pump
  3. Connect separate electrical services into 1 meter
  4. Connect separate plumbing services into 1 meter
  5. Replace/repair heating and cooling systems
  6. Wire entire house with an alarm system
  7. Install exterior motion lights
  8. Sweep and re-line all 3 chimneys (8 fireplaces)
  9. Install new breaker box in attic
  10. Install 2 Nest thermostats

15 comments on “Restoration To Do List

  1. Sarah, are the ones that are crossed already been done or not yet? If so, then wow, you sure did quite a big project of restoring each section of your home. Hey, it seems like some of these are one that I should even take care of especially the foundation repair that’s been breaking up.
    Correy Smith recently posted…Stylish Gutters & Exterior WorkMy Profile

  2. I love that you made a list for all of your projects. I’m half way through a remodel and I’ve lost track of what else was on my list. I have some guys coming to repair our old windows, but after that… I don’t know where to start.

    1. I definitely understand, Veronika! It can be a little overwhelming. I’ve found that it’s best to just start…it will get easier as you go on, and you’ll look back and not even believe all that you’ve accomplished!

  3. It is definitely inspiring to see so many things on your to-do list crossed off! The main thing on my to-do list is to get the foundation of our home repaired. I see that you had that crossed off of your list. Do you have any tips to making this process any easier?

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