Earnest Home Summer Learning Challenge: Update 1

A few weeks ago, I shared about a little challenge I’m participating in this summer. Basically, I’m working on learning a new skill over the next several weeks. The skill I chose was photography! There’s so much to learn, and I know that photography can take a blog from good to great, so that’s where I’m focusing my time this summer. Here’s the first update…

At the #SBSCon last weekend, Rachel and Beth gave a really helpful presentation on photography skills. Since then, I’ve been using their tips to play around with aperture, ISO, etc. At the conference, I also learned a little more about the editing features on Instagram. There’s so much more than just the filters! Who knew?!

702 park project - earnest 2

702 park project - earnest 3

The next update in this journey will be in three weeks, on July 27. I’m hoping to have a light box for product photos set up by then. We’ll see!

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Are you working on anything this summer?

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