Charleston: The Anthology of Doors

As most of you probably know thanks to the obnoxious number of posts, I spent the weekend in Charleston meeting some pretty amazing people at the 3rd annual Southern Blog Society Conference. It was a truly enriching experience; I learned a lot and met some lovely new blog friends! But there will be more on that later…

702parkproject - anthology of doors

Today I wanted to share just a little bit of Charleston’s charm…something I like to call The Anthology¬†of Doors. There is so much to see (and taste, and smell, and touch, and hear) in Charleston, and the beautiful architecture is pretty high up there on the list. I could have probably shared 100 doors with you, but narrowed it down to just these few.

702parkproject - charleston door 5 702parkproject - charleston door 9 702parkproject - charleston door 7 702parkproject - charleston door 3 702parkproject - charleston door 8 702parkproject - charleston door 10 702parkproject - charleston door 1

Which is your favorite?

Stay tuned over the next couple weeks…I’ll be sharing a recap of the Conference, a recap of our extended stay, and a recap of our tour of the Nathaniel Russell House. See you soon!

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