DIY Fall Burlap Sign

Hello my name is Marie and I blog over at The Interior Frugalista, where I share all things DIY around our humble abode.  I’m thrilled that Sarah invited me to share a project with you all today!

In the spirit of Autumn I’m sharing an easy DIY Fall Burlap Sign, along with a step-by-step tutorial and a printable so you can add one to your Fall décor.

These are the materials I used along with a picture frame.

I didn’t use the plaid ribbon or the green twine seen in this photo.
Materials List:

Burlap Table Runner (Michaels)

Fall Burlap Ribbon (Michaels)

Assorted Fabric Leaves (Michaels or Dollar Store)

12 x 16 Art Canvas (Dollar Store)

Freezer Paper (Grocery Store)

Picture Frame

Equipment List:

Inkjet or Laser Printer


Hot Glue Gun

Step 1 – Printing on Burlap
Fall being about harvest and giving thanks, I created a graphic that reflects the spirit of gratefulness.   You can download the graphic in PDF format by clicking the link below.

Here is where the freezer paper, burlap, an iron, and your printer come in. Sounds intimidating but really it isn’t.

Cut your freezer paper the size of the graphic (8 1/2″ x 11″).

Measure and cut a piece of the burlap table runner at around 12 inches. Using the Steam Setting on your iron press out any wrinkles or curling of the burlap.

Lay the shiny side of your freezer paper down onto the canvas.  Line up the edge of the paper to the grain of the burlap.
Switch the setting on your iron to High Heat with No Steam and press onto the matt side of your freezer paper until you get a good bond, especially on the corners.

Cut the burlap to the same size as your freezer paper.

In your printer settings select Best Quality for a dark print.   Place your burlap into the Manual Feed of your printer and help guide it as it begins feeding into the machine.

You can see mine printed rather light and that’s because I used a laser printer.  You will get a much darker image using an inkjet.  If you have a laser do this step at your own risk because it will heat up the freezer paper and you risk it getting stuck in the machine.  I took the risk and didn’t have a problem.

I went over mine with a black Sharpie to darken the image. Worked like a charm!

Remove the freezer paper backing from the burlap by carefully peeling it back.

If you are still feeling a bit nervous about this step I found an easy to follow tutorial on You Tube that you may find helpful.

Step 2 – Creating a colorful border

With Fall colored Burlap Ribbon create a border around your burlap and attach it with hot glue.  You can see I did mine in three vertical strips (I ran out of ribbon).  For even fraying I would suggest you use four pieces around the perimeter.

To fray the edges pull one strand from the outside edge of the ribbon along all four sides.  Repeat until you have about six strands removed (or more if you prefer).

Step 3 – Picture Frame

Repurpose an old picture frame that you may have around the house or purchase one from your local thrift store.  Another option is buying an inexpensive black poster frame.

I dry brushed layers of acrylic craft paint in Fall colors. Dry brushing simply means applying paint to your brush and dabbing off the excess onto a paper towel so there is very little paint left on the brush.

The colors I used are:

Craftsmart: Olive Green, Orange, Dark Yellow
Americana: Tomato Red and Raw Umber

  • Remove the glass/plastic from the picture frame.
  • Using another piece of the burlap table runner cut it about four inches larger than the cardboard backing of the picture frame.
  • Starting at the top fold the burlap over to the back of the cardboard and attach it with a hot glue.
  • Stretch the burlap taut and fold it over the bottom of the cardboard and attach it with hot glue.
  • Continue onto the sides.
  • Place the cardboard back into the frame and secure it in place.  My frame didn’t have clips so I ran masking tape along the back to hold it in place.

Step 4 –  Creating a double frame

To give the sign some dimension I added another layer with an inexpensive art canvas purchased at the Dollar Store.  Eyeball it to the center of the frame and attached it with dabs of hot glue.

My feline buddy’s cat post was the nearest surface to work on and as you can see in the photo, he wasn’t too impressed!

You can skip this step and place your burlap graphic directly onto the frame.
Step 5 – Attaching the burlap graphic
Add a dab of hot glue on each corner of the burlap and carefully eyeball it onto the center of the art canvas.
Step 6 – Attaching Fabric Leaves
I purchased assorted sized fabric leaves from both Michaels and the Dollar Store.  I randomly hot glued them in place over the canvas.

There you have it, an easy DIY Fall Burlap Sign with pretty Fall colors!  I haven’t decided whether to lean mine on the fireplace mantle, hang it in the front entry, or add it to our Fall vignette on the front steps.

Thank you so much Sarah for the opportunity to guest post on your blog.  It was great fun making this project to share with your readers.

Happy Fall Everyone!
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