The Sunday Currently, #7

I have literally had NOTHING on the schedule this weekend.  Not a single thing.  We were invited to two weddings this weekend, but unfortunately I couldn’t make either of them…crutches and a massive cast don’t really go with outdoor weddings.  But I’m wishing both couples a lifetime of bliss!!

So, what have I been doing with this free weekend?  Catching up on tv, catching up on magazines, cleaning the house, and enjoying this beautiful (although non fall-like) weather.  Plus we moved a desk and a piano into the house!  Here’s what else I’m up to…



Reading– This tutorial on how to tie a bow-tie.  I just feel like that’s something every southern girl should know how to do, and I’m determined to master it!!


Writing– A birthday card to sweet Brody, who turned 3 on Friday.  We’ll be heading to his birthday party this afternoon.

Listening– To HGTV.  Feeling blessed that we haven’t had to apply for an episode of “Rescue My Renovation”!!

Thinking– That throw pillows are ridiculously expensive!!  I love this, this, this and pretty much all of these, but geeeeez!! Those prices!  An expensive rug…sure, I can stomach that.  Even the occasional absurdly-priced bar cart.  But paying an arm and a leg for a pillow?  Nope, can’t do it.  Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy?  Any tips on where to find quality pillows at a better price?

Wishing–  My dear friend, Erin, a super duper 26th birthday! I can’t wait to see her next weekend!! :)


Wearing– Jeans and one shoe…my new normal.

Loving–  How good fall TV is so far.  I’m loving my old favorites: Grey’s, Scandal, Nashville, and Sons of Anarchy.  But I’ve also gotten really into a couple of new ones: The Blacklist (amazing!!), Hostages, and Betrayal.  I know, I watch way too much TV.  I discovered the new ones on demand while I was couch-ridden, and now I’m hooked!

Wanting– To create a bird bath like this.  I think it would be a great use of some of the old bricks from our pile!


Needing– To go through all of our mail.  It’s really piling up!

Feeling– Grateful for the possibility of a speedy recovery!  The original plan after my ankle surgery was to be in a hard cast for 4 weeks, without being able to bear any weight at all.  Then 4 more weeks in a walking boot.  But at my appointment last Monday, the doc said I was healing well, and that I will only need the hard cast for about 3 weeks.  Plus, I can start bearing 50% weight this week, then as much as I can tolerate next week!  And NO physical therapy needed!! Yippee!! That appointment was full of great news!

Clicking– This DIY spotted canvas tutorial.  I think it could be really cute (and really simple) in a chunky black or gold frame.

Be sure to check out Lauren’s page at, where you can read about what she’s up to, as well as lots of other bloggers.  Have a great week everyone!! :)

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