The Sunday Currently, #7

I have literally had NOTHING on the schedule this weekend.  Not a single thing.  We were invited to two weddings this weekend, but unfortunately I couldn’t make either of them…crutches and a massive cast don’t really go with outdoor weddings.  But I’m wishing both couples a lifetime of bliss!!

So, what have I been doing with this free weekend?  Catching up on tv, catching up on magazines, cleaning the house, and enjoying this beautiful (although non fall-like) weather.  Plus we moved a desk and a piano into the house!  Here’s what else I’m up to…



Reading- This tutorial on how to tie a bow-tie.  I just feel like that’s something every southern girl should know how to do, and I’m determined to master it!!


Writing- A birthday card to sweet Brody, who turned 3 on Friday.  We’ll be heading to his birthday party this afternoon.

Listening- To HGTV.  Feeling blessed that we haven’t had to apply for an episode of “Rescue My Renovation”!!

Thinking- That throw pillows are ridiculously expensive!!  I love this, this, this and pretty much all of these, but geeeeez!! Those prices!  An expensive rug…sure, I can stomach that.  Even the occasional absurdly-priced bar cart.  But paying an arm and a leg for a pillow?  Nope, can’t do it.  Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy?  Any tips on where to find quality pillows at a better price?

Wishing-  My dear friend, Erin, a super duper 26th birthday! I can’t wait to see her next weekend!! :)


Wearing- Jeans and one shoe…my new normal.

Loving-  How good fall TV is so far.  I’m loving my old favorites: Grey’s, Scandal, Nashville, and Sons of Anarchy.  But I’ve also gotten really into a couple of new ones: The Blacklist (amazing!!), Hostages, and Betrayal.  I know, I watch way too much TV.  I discovered the new ones on demand while I was couch-ridden, and now I’m hooked!

Wanting- To create a bird bath like this.  I think it would be a great use of some of the old bricks from our pile!


Needing- To go through all of our mail.  It’s really piling up!

Feeling- Grateful for the possibility of a speedy recovery!  The original plan after my ankle surgery was to be in a hard cast for 4 weeks, without being able to bear any weight at all.  Then 4 more weeks in a walking boot.  But at my appointment last Monday, the doc said I was healing well, and that I will only need the hard cast for about 3 weeks.  Plus, I can start bearing 50% weight this week, then as much as I can tolerate next week!  And NO physical therapy needed!! Yippee!! That appointment was full of great news!

Clicking- This DIY spotted canvas tutorial.  I think it could be really cute (and really simple) in a chunky black or gold frame.

Be sure to check out Lauren’s page at, where you can read about what she’s up to, as well as lots of other bloggers.  Have a great week everyone!! :)

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