11 Unique DIY Advent Calendars

Welcome back, friends! I inadvertently took a little hiatus from the blog last week. It was refreshing to step away for a bit, but now I’m back and in full Christmas mode!

Lately I’ve been seeing lots of creative advent calendars that look so fun. Do you do an advent calendar with your family? We had a felt Christmas tree wall hanging with little pockets for felt ornaments when I was growing up, and I always loved putting a new ornament on the tree each day. But I haven’t had one since.

702 park project - unique DIY advent calendars

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The Locations That Inspired 18 Disney Movies

When I was browsing for links for This Week’s Links, I came across this article about locations around the world that inspired several Disney movies. As a lover of both travel and Disney movies, I felt like these gorgeous scenes deserved an entire post. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few of my favorites. You can see all 18 here!

The movie: Aladdin

702 park project - aladdin 1

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Quotable Friday

702 park project - pray for paris

I generally try to steer clear of political talk and world suffering on this blog. I feel like reading a blog should be a short reprieve from the nastiness of the world…as if one could forget. But the tragedy last week in Paris really rocked me. I spent a few weeks in Paris 7 years ago (has it been that long?!), and the news of the attacks brought the memories flooding back. My heart just aches. Lots of tears as I write this post.

If you’re interested in donating to help those affected by this tragedy, here are a few options. This weekend, hold those you love just a little tighter, for we’re never promised tomorrow.