For Sale

Happy Saturday! I just wanted to stop by this weekend and show you a few of my favorites for sale right now.  Be sure to scroll all the way down for a surprise treat!

Blue & White Chinoiserie Monkey Vase – $115

monkey vase

Black & Gold Brass Vase – $60

Brass Vase

Antique Noritake Rolled Dish – $43


Vintage Italian Ash Tray – $35 (Hurry! This sale ends April 23!)

Italian ash tray 3

Hand-painted Chinoiserie Porcelain Ball – $27

BW Ball 1.0

Extra Large Ornate Mirror – $350


And because I love y’all so much, I’m offering 15% off at my Etsy shop until Wednesday at 12 a.m. EST. Just enter code PARK15 at checkout.

Quotable Good Friday


 I’ll be skipping my usual Sunday Currently post on Sunday to celebrate Easter with my family.  But I won’t leave you hanging!  Here are a few of my favorite links this week…

30 lessons in 30 years from Ann Street Studio.

A few gorgeous garden retreats.

If the US presidents were “branded.”  FDR, Coolidge, and Harrison are my faves (random, I know).

How to add chunky craftsman style moldings in your home.

Tips for decorating with brass.

The prettiest Easter eggs I ever did see.

This very honest post cracked me up.  Yep, pretty sure I was guilty of this at least two days this week. I’ll try harder next week. ;)

April showers bring May flowers…to your desktop.

Have you heard about the $2,000 Domino shopping spree giveaway?  Enter here for a chance to win!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!! :)

Questions, Opinions, and Decisions

One thing I’ve come to really love about blogging is that I have an audience to pose questions to, and in turn I receive a wide variety of ideas and opinions.  If you’ve been following for long, you know that I love to hear what you think about certain options.  So today I wanted to revisit some of those questions and bring you up to speed on where we stand!

1. TV in the Bedroom — Yay or Nay?

TV in the bedroom

The majority of you answered that a TV in the bedroom is a no-no, and we have to agree.  For now, we are putting TVs in the den and in the office.

IMG_5434 IMG_54311

No TV here.  Just our very very sparse looking room.  (By the way, that’s our new king size bed! Yay!)

2.  To Paint or Not to Paint?

white closet

Most of you answered that we should keep the closet simple and white, and again, we agree.  White it is!

IMG_5452 IMG_5451

3.  Closet Suggestions Needed!


While we’re on the topic of closets…remember our storage issue?  A lot of you had some great ideas. We decided to get a pair of these, since they extend to 7 feet, don’t rely on the walls for support, and got excellent reviews…and we had a pretty awesome coupon.  We haven’t gotten around to setting them up yet though…I’ll let you know how we like them when we do!  (Down the road, I’m really hoping for some custom built ins.  Patience, grasshopper…)

4.  Countertop options.


We got a wide array of answers and suggestions on this one.  The votes were spread pretty evenly between painting the existing countertops, installing concrete countertops, and simply buying new countertops.  Sorry to disappoint you, but we still haven’t made a decision. The kitchen just really hasn’t been a priority lately.  But I can tell you that we have ruled out painting them.  I’m really interested in this new faux-marble laminate, but Charles understandably worries that they will look cheap.  The pictures I’ve seen look great (like here and here), but I need to see it in real life.


5.  It’s Not Always Black & White.


Once again–still no decision. This will be a DIY for us, so there’s really no rush.  I have to admit, I’ve been a high-gloss black advocate from the beginning, but after all of your interesting suggestions, I’m starting to question that! I played around a bit on Sherwin-Williams’ Paint Visualizer Tool and came up with some pretty cool options…


Park Ave - Fuschia


Park Ave - Teal

Hunter Green

Park Ave - Hunter Green


Park Ave - Maroon

I haven’t even shown these to Charles yet, so I’m interested to see what he thinks.  I feel more unsure than ever about a color choice, so I think we’re just going to have to go for it and dive right in! It’s just paint, right?!

There it is.  As you can see, we’ve made a lot of progress in some areas, and virtually none in others, but that’s just how it goes I guess.  Check back soon for more updates and decisions! :)