The Locations That Inspired 18 Disney Movies

When I was browsing for links for This Week’s Links, I came across this article about locations around the world that inspired several Disney movies. As a lover of both travel and Disney movies, I felt like these gorgeous scenes deserved an entire post. Wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few of my favorites. You can see all 18 here!

The movie: Aladdin

702 park project - aladdin 1

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Quotable Friday

702 park project - pray for paris

I generally try to steer clear of political talk and world suffering on this blog. I feel like reading a blog should be a short reprieve from the nastiness of the world…as if one could forget. But the tragedy last week in Paris really rocked me. I spent a few weeks in Paris 7 years ago (has it been that long?!), and the news of the attacks brought the memories flooding back. My heart just aches. Lots of tears as I write this post.

If you’re interested in donating to help those affected by this tragedy, here are a few options. This weekend, hold those you love just a little tighter, for we’re never promised tomorrow.

Bits of Fall Around the House

This year I just went really simple with my fall decorating. For some reason I just wasn’t into it. But I am pumped for Christmas! I think I’m going to break my cardinal “No Christmas Before Thanksgiving” rule and start decorating early.

Anyway, back to fall. Here’s a look at the dining room and den, which is all that I really decorated besides the exterior. I’m loving our new buffet, and we finally got that vintage mirror hung. Next up, sconces!

702 park project - fall dining room 1

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