Why We Stuck a Tub In Our Shower

I keep getting this question, so I figured I’d go ahead and answer it.  We love the way that our office bathroom turned out, but I realize that it’s strange to a lot of people that we stuck a tub in what looks like a tile shower. (It’s actually not a shower, it’s just tile on a wall surrounding a tub that has a shower attached…if you want to get technical.)


Two main reasons: 1) babies, and 2) shower curtain phobias.  Let me explain…

We are so happy with our master bathroom, and know that we really want to keep that as a sort of retreat in the future. But as my mom likes to remind us, we “need a tub for washing babies.”  So to keep future bath toys, baby shampoos, and baby tub seats out of our spa-like bathroom, we decided to add a tub to the office bathroom (the only other full bathroom upstairs).  The appropriately-named baby clawfoot is just the right size, and the tile curb of the shower makes a great place for kneeling. (I should note here that I am not pregnant, nor do I plan to be any time soon. But you have to plan ahead people!)

The next reason is strange.  Charles and I both have issues with shower curtains touching us. I know it’s weird to a lot of people, but damnit it’s our house and we can do what we want!  (See how worked up I get about these things?!)  I don’t know why, but there is nothing grosser to me than being in the shower and having the liner stick to you, and it’s even worse in a clawfoot.  Ugh I’m cringing just thinking about it.


Because we both feel so strongly about shower curtains, we decided that having the curtain on the outside of the tub would be best.  But that sends water all over the floor, so we needed to remedy that. Solution: tile in the area all around the tub and put a drain in the center of the floor.  Actually, the tub doesn’t even have a drain pipe…water flows straight from the tub onto the floor and down to the center drain.  An added bonus, having a curtain (on the outside of the tub of course) around the back of the tub protects the window with wood trim.  If we had made this space into solely a shower, that window would have gotten wet and we would have some nasty mold and/or rot to deal with.

One thing I’ve learned in renovating our house: do what works for you.  Some people will like it, some people won’t.  Whatevs. We had the luxury of knowing that we plan to stay in this house forever, meaning we don’t have to worry so much about resale value.  But in any house, do the things that make sense to you.  This was our only shower for a few months while our master bathroom was being finished, and we both really love it!

Do you have any more questions for me? Send them on over!

PS- you can see the step by step process of refinishing this tub here!

Room by Room Recap – Kitchen

Compared to the rest of our house, the kitchen renovation was a breeze. We knew that we wouldn’t have enough in the budget to fully remodel the way that we wanted, so we decided to spend as little as possible in the kitchen and plan for a huge overhaul a few years down the road.

We did just about all of this kitchen ourselves, and on a budget.  Not including the fridge, we spent less than $1,000 giving this kitchen a little makeover. The dishwasher, sink, and oven were dated but functional, so we decided to stick with those for now. Some new floors, a coat of paint, and a lot of time and energy…it makes a big difference!

IMG_2554 IMG_2555 IMG_2557 Kitchen Before 3 Kitchen Kitchen2 Kitchen3 IMG_4143 IMG_4146 IMG_4147 IMG_2548 IMG_2550 IMG_5198 IMG_5199 IMG_5200 IMG_5201 IMG_5420 IMG_5421 IMG_5422 IMG_5829


What we’ve finished:

  1. Remove vinyl flooring
  2. Remove electric range
  3. Repair plaster where necessary
  4. Prep, prime, and paint all cabinetry
  5. Prep, prime, and paint walls, ceiling, and trim
  6. Install new hardware
  7. Install new floor
  8. Install gas range
  9. Install new ceiling fan light kit
  10. Install new refrigerator
  11. Install new sink faucet
  12. Install garbage disposal
  13. Cut off rounded penninsula to make room for fridge

What’s left:

A major renovation down the road! But that’s a different post. For now, it works. It’s not our favorite and it’s certainly not glamorous, but it’s functional. And right now that’s all that matters.

A few sources in case you’re wondering…we got the flooring (an engineered hardwood) on sale from Lumber Liquidators and cabinetry hardware from 99centknobs.com.  All hardware is…99 cents! This site is amazing. We replaced all of our kitchen hardware for less than $35!!

We ordered our fridge from Sears Outlet online and had the best experience.  We got about 60% off a brand new beautiful fridge because it had a dent in the side.  I swear we cannot find the dent! It was definitely one of our best scores!  The wall color is Morning Fog by Sherwin Williams, and the trim and cabinets are stark white. The gas range (which we are obsessed with!!) was a Craigslist steal — $80! The garbage disposal and sink faucet were from Lowe’s.

That’s it! Our budget kitchen renovation.  And don’t worry, I’ve already started planning our kitchen remodel…see my ideas here! (Hint: it will probably be white on white!)

Kitchen B&A1   Kitchen B&A2

The figures…this room is 11′ x 15′ with 11′ ceilings. There are 2 windows, 2 interior doors, 1 chimney (no fireplace), and 1 exterior door leading to the back porch.

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How’s your weekend going? We’ve been doing a lot around the house to get ready for an event later this week (more on that soon), but it’s been nice to have a calm weekend at home.

Also, for those of you wondering, I am now 18 days post-op and am feeling ok. It’s taking me longer to bounce back from the surgery than I’d like, partly due to the nasty infection I got in the incision in the back of my head. But that’s about healed now, and my face is bruise-free, so that’s a plus. I’m still having the constant headache, but that’s *hopefully* due to the surgery and will subside in the next couple of weeks. I’ll keep you posted! :)

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