Cozy Snow Day Interiors

Yesterday North Carolina got snow for the 2nd time this year, which is kind of a big deal around here. I know you Northeastern folks are cracking up at that, but it’s true. It is pretty comical though. If we have a forecast of 1 inch of snow, schools are closed and you can’t find milk, bread, or eggs at the grocery store. (Side note: why do people buy out these three items? I’ve never understood it.) Yesterday we got about 2 inches and tomorrow we’re supposed to get more.

702parkproject - snow day

So of course I’m dreaming about cozying up by a fire, drinking some hot cocoa, and flipping through some much overdue magazines. And I’m also dreaming about these spaces to do that in!

702parkproject - cozy5 702parkproject - cozy1 702parkproject - cozy4 702parkproject - cozy10 702parkproject - cozy2 702parkproject - cozy9 702parkproject - cozy7 702parkproject - cozy8 702parkproject - cozy3

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What’s your favorite snow day activity?

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8 Free Apps I Can’t Live Without

I’d like to take a break from interiors and DIY projects and talk about some of my favorite apps. The best part? They’re all FREE!

702parkproject - apps

It goes without saying that I love my social media apps. But there are a few other apps that make running my life, my blog, and my business so much easier. (Note: these are all iTunes apps, but most have Android and Windows counterparts.)

1. Google Drive

702parkproject - google drive

I have a work computer, a home desktop, a laptop, an iPad, and an iPhone. Google Drive helps me keep all my documents with me, no matter what device I’m using. It also makes it easy to share documents and even photos with others.

2. Etsy & Sell on Etsy

702parkproject - etsy

The regular version is great for browsing Etsy. If you have a shop and are looking to manage your listings, Sell on Etsy is your best option.

3. Relax Melodies

702parkproject - relax melodies

I go to sleep to this app on many nights. It’s so relaxing, and gives you tons of options. You can even layer the sounds to get the one you’re looking for. Plus, there’s a timer so it cuts off after you’re asleep. My favorite “melodies” are Zen, Medieval, Duduk, Rainy Day, and Slow Waves.

4. Podcasts

702parkproject - podcasts

I commute an hour to and from work each day (2 hours a day) so having something to listen to is really crucial. I get tired of the radio and Pandora, so podcasts are a nice alternative. I, like everyone else, got addicted to Serial (when is the next season?!), but I also love TED Talks.

5. Klout

702parkproject - klout

There are many social media scheduling apps out there, but Klout is my favorite for Twitter. It makes it so easy for me to find posts and articles I want to share, and it also analyzes my ratings so my “feed” becomes more and more in line with what I’m looking for.

6. Evernote

702parkproject - evernote

Evernote allows me to not only create lists, but actually check things off…one of my favorite things. I will seriously make a list just to check it off. That’s normal, right?! Grocery lists, blog ideas, meeting notes…it all goes in here. Evernote syncs with all of my devices too, so I can always access my lists.

7. iHandy Level

702parkproject - ihandy level

This one’s pretty self explanatory, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve taken this app out to hang a picture. Genius!

8. Snapseed

702parkproject - snapseed

I use a few different photo editing apps, but Snapseed is by far my favorite. There are lots of options and capabilities, but it’s very user friendly.

So what are your can’t-live-without apps?

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Historic Southern Homes: Bocage Plantation

Are you loving these historic southern homes as much as I am?! I think I’m going to just have to plan a southern tour and hit them all. Wouldn’t that be the best trip ever?!

Today I want to introduce you to Bocage Plantation. This American Greek Revival, built in 1837, is nestled on over 100 acres along the Mississippi River in Darrow, LA between New Orleans and Baton Rouge (very near to Houmas House). The interior blends Creole design with contemporary mid-19th century motifs. It now serves as an elegant and exclusive bed and breakfast, with only 4 rooms available for overnight guests.

Bocage is relatively new to the touring scene. It wasn’t until Dr. Marion Rundell purchased the house in 2008 that it was opened to the public. The antique furniture and art in this estate is 100% era-appropriate and absolutely stunning.

702parkproject - bocage20 702parkproject - bocage17 702parkproject - bocage13 702parkproject - bocage11 702parkproject - bocage3 702parkproject - bocage5 702parkproject - bocage9 702parkproject - bocage15 702parkproject - bocage14 702parkproject - bocage1 702parkproject - bocage12 702parkproject - bocage10 702parkproject - bocage8 702parkproject - bocage6 702parkproject - bocage2 702parkproject - bocage7 702parkproject - bocage19

Photos via Bocage Plantation

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