Summer Decking Ideas + A Giveaway!

Can you believe that Memorial Day is next week?! How is summer here already? We haven’t even gotten into the 90s yet, which seems odd here in NC. Usually we’re all pretty sweaty by the end of May! But I’m not complaining.

We’ve gotten a lot accomplished in our backyard this spring, and I’ll be sharing those updates with you soon. One little project that we actually just started this past weekend was a small patio for our grill. We love our two-story porch on the back of our house, but there isn’t much room for grilling. And I don’t think placing a grill on a 114-year-old wood porch is the best and safest idea anyway!


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Quotable Friday

702parkproject-hindsight quote

My grandfather’s birthday is coming up, so it seems only fitting that I’d share one of his quotes. A couple of Christmases ago, my mom gave my brother and I bound copies of his memoir that he had written several years before he passed away. Although I loved my Pap immensely, I never knew how insightful he was. I’ve now read through his memoir, entitled “In Retrospect” at least three times, and it sits permanently on my nightstand.

When my world seems to be changing so fast that I can hardly keep my head from spinning, I find solace in his words, and in the reminder that I am blessed beyond measure.