Landscaping For Spring

Landscaping our front yard is something that we’ve had on our priority list for some time, but the budget just wouldn’t allow it. Well thanks to the NC historic preservation tax credits, we can finally afford to get it done! And just in time for spring!

If you go all the way back to when we started, this is our before shot.


We’ve slowly been making progress, and last August this was our view.

IMG_5403 IMG_5408

A lot better, but the little sprigs in the front are pretty embarrassing. Charles painted the foundation a while back, and a few weeks ago, we got new landscaping.

702parkproject - landscape IP 1 702parkproject - landscape IP 2 702parkproject - landscape IP 3

Although it doesn’t look nearly as green in these photos, we are so happy with the results! I can’t wait for these little baby shrubs to grow and continue to add to our curb appeal.

702parkproject - landscape 1 702parkproject - landscape 3 702parkproject - landscape 4

While they were at it, we had the landscapers reshape our driveway to make it wider so that we can fit two cars side by side. We basically had a sand pit under the carport, so I’m glad to have that gone!

702parkproject - landscape 2 702parkproject - landscape 6

We’ve got several more long-term plans for the landscape and driveway, but that’s a post for another day. Right now, we are just enjoying our new landscaping and feeling excited for spring!

What changes are you making for spring?

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3 Household Hacks That Make My Life Easier

If it was up to my husband, the world would run on robots. I on the other hand have had nightmares ever since watching I, Robot. I think my blender is trying to kill me.

702parkproject - household hacks

But robots definitely have their place in our home, and they really do make my life so much easier. Here are my three favorite household hacks.

Roomba 650 – Three words: worth every penny. All Charles wanted for his 30th birthday last year was a Roomba, so that’s what he got. We decided to go with the 650 because it handles dog fur the best, and have been so happy with it. We even named him Rowdy. Rowdy the Roomba. Being able to run a vacuum while we’re away or while we’re working on something else is truly invaluable. We save so much time!

Nest Thermostat – We loved our Nest thermostat so much that we got another! Our upstairs and downstairs HVAC units and heat pump are all in sync now. And the energy savings really are noticeable. We’ve had a pretty brutal winter (by NC standards) but our bills haven’t been out of control like we expected. We can each control the thermostats from our phone, and the Nests have actually learned to communicate with each other. They know our schedule and have the house warm (or cool) when we get home without running all day.

Rain-X – Which one of these is not like the other? Ok so it’s not a sophisticated robot, but it serves its purpose. I’m proud to say that our shower glass is still sparkly and clean, all thanks to two rules: 1. We squeegee every time we finish a shower. Every. Single. Time. 2. We spray our glass down with Rain-X regularly. Think how well Rain-X works on your windshield…now apply that to your shower. Squeaky clean, every time!

What are your favorite household hacks? How do they save you time and/or money?

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