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It’s official.  We are closing on our refinance, and rolling from a construction loan to a mortgage, next Tuesday, April 29! When we started our construction loan on May 10 of last year, we never thought we would get anywhere close to that one-year cut off.  But here we are…making it by just 11 days.  Not quite by the “skin of our teeth” but certainly closer than we had hoped.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year.  It seems like it’s been forever.  Like the way they say it in The Sandlot….FOR…EV…ER.

So to commemorate this special occasion, I’m planning to go through our mega list room by room to show you where we started, what’s been done, and what we still have left to do.  We’ll call it the Room by Room Recap series. Sounds fun, right?

Tomorrow we’ll get started.  Stick around, it’s about to get interesting! :)

Master of the House

Happy Hump Day!  It’s time for another update on our master bathroom!

If you follow on Instagram, you’ve seen a few peeks into the bathroom.  In my last update, we had finished the floor and the shower tile and installed the unpainted vanity.  (See all the stages here.)

IMG_5374 IMG_5314

Since then, we’ve installed the tub, which was the original tub from this bathroom (get the tub painting tutorial here), and scraped, sanded, and primed the entire bathroom, including the vanity.

IMG_5476 IMG_5478 IMG_5477 IMG_5483

We also installed sink fixtures and light fixtures for the vanity, as well as fixtures for the shower.  The shower head in there now is temporary–we have a rain shower head that we plan to install ourselves.

IMG_5475 IMG_5481 IMG_5482

So here’s our to-do list for this bathroom:

  1. Remove old cabinet unit, sink, and hot water heater.
  2. Repair plaster walls.
  3. Remove vinyl flooring.
  4. Close up door to the existing “pantry.”
  5. Build water closet.
  6. Install new tile floor.
  7. Install new toilet.
  8. Install new vanity.
  9. Install new tile shower.
  10. Install refurbished tub.
  11. Install new fixtures for tub.
  12. Install lighting.
  13. Prime walls, trim, and vanity.
  14. Paint walls, trim, and vanity.

As you can see, we’re almost there!  The only light fixture left to add is the center light.  I’d like to put a chandelier in here, but we’ll see.

After we primed and painted the tub with Rustoleum, it was in pretty great shape.  But the existing faucet was too rusty to salvage.  We’ve ordered new hardware and are just waiting for the plumber to return to install it.

IMG_5479 IMG_5480

I was so excited that we could reuse this tub.  I think it really brings the old features and new features together well.

You can see our bathroom layout options here and the one we chose here.

And lastly, just a few before and afters…so far.

B&A1 B&A2 B&A3 B&A4



I feel like I’ve been going a hundred miles a minute for the past few months, and a lot has been accomplished.  Today I thought I would update you on a few shopping trips and some progress we’ve made.

I took a quick 30-minute trip to the antique mall in my hometown last Thursday, and was pleasantly surprised.  It made me wish I had longer to spend in there…but it’s probably good I didn’t!  I fell in love with this large brass table, but decided to pass. (Ignore the chair sitting on top.)

brass table

I did pick up this funky lamp, as well as a vintage mirrored tray with lucite handles and a set of 4 espresso cups and saucers.  Not bad for about 20 minutes of browsing.


And here are a few other vintage finds I was digging.  Notice the tempting prices!

secretary wingback

After a couple appointments, my mom and I hit HomeGoods and Steinmart for a bit of splurge shopping.  HomeGoods was great for finding large objects to fill in empty corners in the house.  Doesn’t this tall blue vase look great next to the mud room unit my dad built?

mud room

I also picked up this short and stubby jug.  I’m not sure if I’ll keep it in the den or not, but for right now it’s filling up a very sad and empty corner.  (Also, I hate that lamp and it is definitely going…just as soon as we can find a replacement!)


I got a couple of these wooden placemats to try out above the mantel in the den, and I really like them.  I think I’ll get a few more and hang them above the mantel.

den fireplace

Another awesome HomeGoods find was this table runner.  It’s so bright and cheery! We have decided to wait on the wallpaper and go ahead and paint the dining room, so I’m hoping to pull a color from this runner.  I also picked up the matching tablecloth so that we can make some pillows.


I also eyed these two gorgeous paintings for quite some time at Steinmart.  They were both huge…about 2′ x 4′…and the prices were great, but I just wasn’t sure where they would go.

art 2 art 1

I’ve been loving our camellia bush lately.  I keep snipping buds and placing them around the house.  Everything just seems so much more put together when fresh flowers are involved!

flower jar

I’ve probably seen it a hundred times before, but while in my father-in-law’s office last week, I really studied this gorgeous picture of our house circa 1980.  At that time, the house was white with black shutters, and I think it’s stunning!

house pic

Charles and I have been busting our butts lately over at the house.  We prepped and primed the master bathroom walls a couple of weeks ago in time for our appraisal.

diy 1 diy 2 tape 1 tape 2 diy 3 bathroom

But it hasn’t been all work.  We’ve been having a little fun too.  We went to our local Pig in the Park event a couple of weekends ago and made it to a wedding last Saturday.  (You can see the dress I’m wearing here.)

pig in park wedding

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What have you been up to lately? 

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