Weekend Work

Y’all.  This weekend.  It almost killed me.

Charles and I worked all day Saturday until 1 am, and then had another 14-hour work day on Sunday.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired.  By Sunday night, neither of us could really walk, and all our muscles hurt.  We literally were crawling around on the floor and cracking ourselves up.  I think we were delirious from all the primer fumes,  cleaning product fumes, and the thought that we might be almost finished.

You see, we busted our butts all weekend because we had an appraisal on Monday afternoon.  I never realized how important the appraisal was, but it basically determines where you stand with your mortgage and how much insurance you can get.  So it’s pretty important.

We prepped (7 hours total) and primed (5 hours total) the entire master bathroom, including the vanity, the master closet, and the upstairs hall bathroom.  So now they are VERY white, but very clean.  They look way better than before!  I’ll be sharing pictures with you later this week.

On Sunday, in a matter of about 4 hours, we took the formal living room from looking like this…


To this…

IMG_5410 IMG_5411 IMG_5414

It’s definitely not finished, and I’ll probably be changing out and adding some furniture and a rug, but wow–what a difference!!

When we moved our stuff in, we pretty much created what we call a “work out of” room on each floor.  On the first floor, it was the formal living room.  I’m embarrassed to even show you the before picture, but it certainly adds a little drama to the reveal!

I plan to add a rug…maybe gray or navy…and long drapes.  I’d also like to find a couple of chairs to go opposite the sofa, and I’d love if they had a little gold in them.  I’m definitely planning to switch out the end tables and coffee tables too.  They are hand-me-downs that are much appreciated, but need to go!

And probably my favorite part of the room: my grandmother’s silk scarf that I had framed.


It’s an original Polo scarf that was given to her years and years ago, and she gave it to me before she passed away.  When we were little, my cousins and I used to play dress up with her many many scarves, and this one was always my favorite.  It means so much to me, and the colors are just perfect for this room.  I plan to do a color scheme centered around this piece…navy, white, tan, pink, teal, and gold.

So now you can see why we’re so tired…we did the things that we had planned to do in the next 3-4 months in one weekend! This week, I’m resting!

By the way, many of the items in the pictures above are for sale.  You can find them here and here.

The Sunday Currently, #25

Oopsie! I got a little busy yesterday and forgot it was Sunday! Charles and I worked non-stop at the house all weekend to get it ready for our appraisal this afternoon.  Fingers crossed that it goes well!!


Reading- These 8 ways to spruce up the front of your home on a budget.  I can’t wait to do a few of these to our house! Check out our curb appeal transformation here, and weigh in on what color we should paint our front doors here.


Thinking- How exhausted I am. My eyes won’t stay open, and every muscle in my body hurts!

Wishing- The pollen would go away. It’s so gross and it makes everyone feel bad.

Hoping- You will consult this chart before leaving your house in leggings (NOT pants).  I have to admit I’m guilty of wearing yoga pants out though.  Oops!


Loving- The master bath and closet that John and Sherry from Young House Love designed for their show house.  I’m especially digging those built ins in the closet.  Swoon!

SHMBath-Main SHCloset-Mens-Side

Wanting- This ceiling lamp for our master closet.

Needing- This book.  You can see my other favorite coffee table books here.

Feeling- Super excited and very grateful that my oh so generous parents gave us their barely used king size bed for the house!! It is soooooo comfy! My poor dad has a terrible back, and the bed just wasn’t working for him, so like any good parents they passed it on. :)

Clicking- This roundup of gorgeous homes for sale.  Of course the foursquare is my favorite (I’m a little bias), but I  also love New York Colonial and Victorian in San Francisco.


Hop on over to Lauren’s blog to catch up with her and other bloggers. Have an excellent week, and stay tuned for some big updates coming up! :)